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Enzyme Facial Treatment

Why DMK Enzyme Treatments Work

The DMK Enzyme Treatment is the most powerful, effective method for hydrolyzing dead cell 

material from the skin tissues, detoxifying the skin of all impurities and lifting 

and tightening it for a firmer, youthful, glowing appearance.

Our enzyme masques are capable of tightening the skin progressively and removing 

impurities from the  skin cells by a process known as reverse osmosis

What is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse osmosis is a “back-flushing" action that forces fluids through the membrane around the cells, 

cleaning out all impurities (Lipofuscin) and leaving behind a clean, white substance. 

Lipofuscin is a free radical substance, created by sun damage or other trauma to the skin.


DMK ENZYME THERAPY Treatments act on three very important systems of the body. These are:

The Facial Muscles

The Blood Vessels of the Skin

The Lymphatic System

The Facial Muscles

The enzyme treatment stimulates the facial muscles enabling them to become stronger, 

providing a more youthful appearance.

The tightening action of the enzyme treatment has the effect of actually exercising the facial muscles. 

This tones and tightens the facial muscles without having to physically exercise them yourself. 

The result is firmer, smoother, tighter skin.

The Blood Vessels of Your Skin

Your skin is dependant on a rich supply of blood and healthy, properly functioning blood vessels to 

transport the blood to the skin cells. Your face, in particular, has many blood vessels.

DMK Enzyme Treatments act on the blood vessels by causing them to become dilated which 

allows a greater supply of oxygen rich blood to flow to the skin in order to nourish it.

The back flushing action of the Enzyme treatments remove impurities and simulate the lymphatic system.

The Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system of the body is the filtering system for the blood. The lymphatic system consists 

of a network of lymph nodes, lymph and lymph vessels found in various regions throughout 

the body including the face and neck.

Special formulated enzymes act on the lymph nodes to encourage a drainage effect. The lymph drainage 

action is felt by the client as the tightening and pulsating of the enzyme masque.

As the blood vessels and lymph nodes respond to the actions induced by the enzyme treatment, 

a peculiar effect is produced. This is known as the Plasmatic Effect.

The Plasmatic Effect

The enzyme treatment promotes a new rush of fresh oxygenated blood from 

within the skin due to the dilated capillaries.

You can literally see this effect on the skin of the neck and face following an enzyme treatment. 

The capillaries stand out like a road map-proving the effects of the enzymes treatment goes 

deep enough for total dilation of the peripheral capillaries.

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