Vacuum Therapy/Lash Extensions

What is Vacuum Therapy

It is a lymphatic drainage procedure that helps with

circulation, lymphatic drainage and water retention.

What areas can be worked on?

Buttocks, thighs, belly, arms, face, neck, back and other problem areas. The treatment helps dislodge fat deposits and accelerates lipolysis.

Reducing cellulite throughout your body while smoothing out the dimples and improving skin texture for a healthy glow.

It stimulates blood circulation, increases energy levels and helps to relieve swollen legs as well as unclog tissue and eliminate water retention.

There is no downtime. This is a great option to the more expensive alternatives.  


Facial/Neck $70

Back Sculpt $90

Abdominal $90

Arms $95

Breast Lift $140

BBL $180

Cellulite trt $120


4 pack BBL $520

6 pack BBL $700

Abdominal/Back $150

Abdominal/BBL $220

Back/BBL $220

Face/Abdominal $120

Face/Back $120


Full Sets

Classic $80

Hybrid $90

Volume $100

Fills (two week)

Classic $40

Hybrid $50

Volume $60

Fills (three weeks)

Classic $55

Hybrid $65

Volume $75